All in Forgiveness

Overdue Apology

I looked forward to youth group every week. My mom dropped me off at the back door of the church and I darted through the hall, heading up the stairs to the unfinished “attic” where we met on Wednesday nights. I couldn’t wait to see my friends and hear the music and message to grow my faith.

A Cleansing Walk

I love to wear black for two reasons. First, it goes well with my dark hair and eyes. Second, it doesn’t show dirt. I can wear a white blouse for about five minutes before I get it dirty. When I wear black, I can still look clean at the end of the day. Though the dirt is most definitely there, it is not visible.

When Healing Takes Longer

About a month ago my daughter cracked one of the bones in her foot while tumbling. Though it was painful physically, it was even more painful due to the timing. She had just made the volleyball team for her school. She was so excited to play, and her competitive nature made it hard for her to slow down.

Love Covers

I almost missed seeing it, but I glanced over to Lily, the teen foster girl seated at the kitchen table next to me. The current group at the emergency shelter was finishing eating their dessert—two scoops of ice cream. Lily grimaced as she took a bite of the chocolate ice cream. Her response was in sharp contrast to her delight over the vanilla scoop.