All in Salvation

Too Late

I noticed a For Sale sign in a yard yesterday. Written at the bottom of the sign in bold red letters were the words TOO LATE. I remarked to Jerry that life is full of those signs. I think we all experience them.

The Other Brother

Judith Viorst wrote a poem called, The Good Daughter. It describes a daughter who follows rules and does her chores. On the other hand, her pesky brother rarely does and usually involves himself in some kind of shenanigan. In the end the sister declares that she really believes her parents always liked her brother better.

Growing Up

He insisted on creating a garden beside his new country home, but the iron ore boulders stood in the way! Daddy persevered. He’d already sold off the largest ones for the iron, but he had to heave the mid-sized ones over the fence one-by-one.

It was a Buy Back!

We collapsed, sweaty and aching. We’d just relocated the entire office and classrooms of a non-profit organization to its new location—a vacant building on the campus of a downtown church. The organization loved their new space but not all the details of the move.

Working It Out

I love a good love story. Most women do! I do not, though, like to work-things-out when there’s been a conflict. That’s a relationship skill I’ve continue to work on. Years have passed, but I’ll never forget the six weeks of long silence from my fiancé.

A Secure Journey

We were on a walk when my dog suddenly slowed, and my attention was drawn to the street. There before me was a huge snake. Three things happened simultaneously: I jumped, I screamed, and I pulled my dog away—only to realize afterward that the snake was dead. I recovered quickly, and we resumed our walk. The next morning as we walked, my thoughts were elsewhere—not upon that snake. When we came to the same spot, the exact same thing happened: I jumped, I screamed, and I pulled my dog away. This time a car was passing. I scared the driver so badly she slammed on her brakes. That snake was dead, but I forgot. Twice a snake that wasn’t life threatening interrupted my walk.


“Are you sure that you’re sure?” My oldest daughter had been to her first city-wide Youth Revival. After hearing the preacher ask several times if they would go to heaven when they died, she came home with questions.

Light into Darkness

It was an ordinary night. The shepherds were attending their sheep and watching for intruders by the light of the moon. They had grown accustomed to the darkness, accustomed to watching for shadows that might present danger. 

Never Alone

A few years ago, we had a most unusual Christmas day lunch. It was the “in-law Christmas,” and so, our girls and their families were coming the day after Christmas. I had been busy preparing food for the week and just didn’t have the energy to prepare another meal for Christmas day. Therefore, we went to eat at one of the few restaurants open.

Set Free!

My friend told me the story about her early Christmas present. Her mother bought a new car for her and her husband. At first I was struck by the generosity of this mother, but the rest of the story intrigued me more. 

What a Savior!

Christmas is about _________. Would you say Christmas is about presents, lights, families gathering…? Many words could fill that blank, but only one word fits that blank best—Jesus! Christmas is about Jesus!