All in Serving

Fading into the Background

I read the familiar story of Stephen in Acts 6, as I have before. This time, however, I noticed some men who caught my attention. Do you remember Prochorus? Have you heard a sermon on Parmenas or Nicanor? Probably not.

The One Thing

My daughter pulled a tangled mass of necklaces from her jewelry box. The intertwined chains resisted her attempts to untangle them. Not to be defeated, my daughter retrieved some wire cutters and began snipping some of the chains.

Tasty Tuesday

The traditional Christmas baking reached a new frenzy this year at my house. Special requests were rife, from “more of those chewy cereal bars please mom”, to “how about extra shortbread”, to “please, a few of the meringues without chocolate chips”, to “are you certain you’ll have enough of the chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls?”