Mighty Warrior

The nation Israel had turned their heart against God and was suffering the consequences. The Midianites had been ruling over Israel’s land for seven years. They would camp out, wait, and destroy crops and livestock that Israel worked so hard to produce. The Israelites so feared the Midianites that they would try and find shelter in mountain clefts, caves, and strong structures. The Midianites made living conditions so unbearable that Israel cried out to the Lord for help.

Let The Race Begin

My Dad loves watching NASCAR racing. The competition between the mighty roaring engines of speed gets him all excited. He enjoys the anticipation of watching the cars race hundreds of laps, going at top speeds up to two hundred miles per hour, and fighting to gain the ultimate victory.

Blueberries and Fish

My girls love to eat blueberries. Once we get our delicious batch of this fruit we are to wash and look through them to pick out all the shriveled up blueberries. Sometimes there are bad blueberries mixed in with the good ones. The bad blueberries get tossed and the juicy and plump ones get to be enjoyed as a wonderful snack or dessert for the whole family to share.

What is Truth?

I have a pair of my mother’s scissor. Years ago she wrote on them in permanent pen “new.” What was true the day she wrote that word is no longer true. The scissors are old and dull. Some things that are true today may not be true tomorrow. But where can you and I find truth that will stand the test of time? What truth can you build your life upon that will never crumble beneath you?

Listening to the Greatest Voice

My friend has an interesting testimony of how she became a believer in Jesus. No one in her family was a Christian. A man began coming to their home once a week and reading his Bible to the family. He did nothing more than read, but the power of God’s Word transformed every person in that family. One by one they came to believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Listening 101

I heard the child ask his mother the same question five times, but the mother, who was looking at her cell phone, never answered. She wasn’t listening. I can’t point a finger. When my girls were young, I let many distractions keep me from listening to them. I can still be easily distracted when listening.

Are You Listening?

Do you know someone who doesn’t know how to listen? I became acquainted with a kind man who worked at a grocery store I frequented. Every time he saw me, he would stop what he was doing and head my way. For the next ten minutes (at least) he would tell me all about what he had been doing, about his family, or about anything that came to mind. He loved to talk, but he didn’t know how to listen. I once told my husband, “I know a lot about that man, but he knows nothing about me.”

Seasons: Day 5

As I write this, it is still August and still hot. However, in the little garden by my front porch something interesting has happened. The day lilies, whose spent foliage stood like brittle, brown sentinels during the hottest part of the summer, are sending up new green leaves. On more than one occasion, I was sorely tempted to pull up my little garden eyesores and be done with it. Only one thing stopped me: those husks could be providing shade and protection for tender life beneath the soil.

Seasons: Day 4

During a recent lunch conversation, a friend and I got on the topic of “significant” birthdays. The particular number under discussion was one looming on her horizon, but solidly in my rearview mirror, making me the expert on the subject.

Seasons: Day 3

If you ask young children to name the seasons, some might answer, “Christmas, Easter, July 4th and Halloween.” Following that train of thought, the sign of each new season would be the bursting forth of appropriate merchandise on the shelves of local retailers. Ah, sad, but true…

Seasons: Day 1

As I write this, it is August and it is hot. The recent rains were only a temporary respite from temperatures that promised 90’s and threatened 100’s. But, I know this: the heat of August won’t last forever and better days—days of dappled sun and fall breezes—are ahead. I know that because I have experienced many years and many seasons.

From Everlasting to Everlasting

Only thirteen words comprise Psalm 136:1 but so much is packed in that one verse. His love endures forever. Forever, eternal, everlasting, enduring, perpetual, endless. What exactly does that mean? It’s hard to comprehend because everything I see around me is temporal.

The Love of God

God is love (1 John 4:8). God and love are synonymous, like God and good. God always loves because He is love. We can’t know true love apart from God since love comes from God (1 John 4:7). Whatever love we experience from others is a reflection of God’s love. We love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19).

Thank You, Lord!

Let’s explore God’s goodness today. The psalmist penned for he (God) is good (Psalm 136:1). Grammatically speaking the word “is” signifies that God and good are the same in the previous sentence. If I said, “Bill is my dad,” Bill and my dad are the same. We can’t separate the two.

The Fire Dancer

I watched from the front row as the man lit himself on fire and danced around. Yes, he was a stunt performer doing this at a beachside show.