Growing Up

He insisted on creating a garden beside his new country home, but the iron ore boulders stood in the way! Daddy persevered. He’d already sold off the largest ones for the iron, but he had to heave the mid-sized ones over the fence one-by-one.

It was a Buy Back!

We collapsed, sweaty and aching. We’d just relocated the entire office and classrooms of a non-profit organization to its new location—a vacant building on the campus of a downtown church. The organization loved their new space but not all the details of the move.

Working It Out

I love a good love story. Most women do! I do not, though, like to work-things-out when there’s been a conflict. That’s a relationship skill I’ve continue to work on. Years have passed, but I’ll never forget the six weeks of long silence from my fiancé.

How Can We Pray for You?

I’m not sure what made me say it, but as I started to speak, I knew it was right.

“We are about to pray over our meal. How can we pray for you?”

Tears filled the young waitress’ eyes. Her hands fanned her face as she tried to speak.


Have you ever had a conversation that helped you reframe a current circumstance? Recently my husband’s comments about a difficult situation provided me much-needed perspective.

Singing and Running

They tried everything they could to reduce her fever. Witch hazel. An ice bath. They knew a doctor was the best decision to save their daughter’s life. With no phone and no vehicle, they did the only thing they could.

Help, I'm a Mess!

“I can’t find anything after I put it away. I know I need to organize, but I just don’t know where to start. I want to invite friends over, but my house is such a mess. I want less clutter, but I just can’t figure out how to get started.” Sound familiar?

Help, I'm Falling!

“Mrs.___, have you fallen lately?” Young people have yet to encounter that question. My husband and I have. We laugh when we share the experience because as a couple we average about three or four falls a year. We fall off ladders, in flower beds, down stairs, and sometimes for no reason. Welcome to the world of seniors.


On my way to work one morning I heard the voice of a precious little six year old boy on the radio describing his first kiss. Obviously this kiss came from a girl other than his mother. He could barely contain his excitement.

What If?

A month or so before a particular day, I had made arrangements to take off work to go to a meeting at church. In my excitement that morning, I chose to leave my house early.

Peace in the Pacific

As soon as the ocean water covered my feet I could not believe the undertow. It felt like a magnet pulling and tugging at me. Not the strongest swimmer, I decided I better not venture out very far into the Pacific Ocean.