Why in the world did our Bible study leader pick the seemingly unimportant book of Habakkuk to study? In the majority of the book we just see complaints about the upcoming trials of the people of Israel. What could I learn from that? I did not anticipate picking up much from this short little book in the Old Testament.

Who’s Agenda?

Normally I would not get excited about flying. I must admit that anxiety usually kicks in at the very thought of getting on an airplane. This time was different though. I had an agenda.


After a season of visiting with a counselor about a totally different matter, I began reflecting on some unhealthy habits I had. One such habit really stuck out -- letting certain significant people in my life manipulate me. I did not permit everyone to do it, just a few key people in my inner circle. 

More than Just Making It

On my morning walk, I passed a neighbor walking the opposite direction. I greeted her and asked how she was doing. She paused and replied, “I’m making it.” I understood her response. Her life has become complicated because of her mother’s failing health.

An Empty Suitcase

My bags are packed. I’m ready to go! How fun it is to go on journeys to other cities, states, or countries. Before each journey, I carefully plan what to take and then strategically work to get it all in my suitcase. I am one of those who takes extra “just in case.”

An Unexpected Adventure

Nestled in the middle of the Psalms are three verses that describe the blessed life of a believer. The psalmist begins by describing a believer’s heart. Blessed are those….who have set their hearts on pilgrimage (Psalm 84:5). In other words, blessed are those who have a longing in their souls and a determination in their minds to journey through life with Jesus. 

An Unexpected Adventure

Our friends told of an unexpected adventure on their vacation while in southwest Oregon. They were staying in Grants Pass and traveled west to Gold Beach. After checking a map of the area, they determined to return a different route. And so, they headed toward Agness. As they traveled, they passed a sign indicating Agness was straight ahead. The further they went, however, the worse the road conditions became. First the two-lane road became extremely curvy.  Eventually, it turned into a one-lane road, which led straight to the sign in the picture above: This is it! Agness. Welcome. Population: small. What you can’t tell from the picture above is that the road was a dead end. There was no city; there was nothing but trees.The road they had been traveling led to nowhere. As they turned around, they saw another sign that said, “Come back!”

Near Your Altar

On a mission trip in Africa, I visited Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. The thundering roar can be heard from twenty-five miles away. As you approach, you realize that even if your words could be heard, they would be inadequate to describe the beauty before you. 


Have you ever watched a video that was filmed with time-lapse photography? My favorites to watch are those of blossoming flowers. A process that takes hours in real-time is shown in mere seconds. Subtle movements, not seen by the naked eye, are clearly displayed.

Stop and Help

Have you ever stopped to help someone, but then later realized you were the one who was blessed?

My husband is a salesman. He walks in and out of hospitals all day in hopes of making connections that will ultimately save a patient’s life. He knows every back stairwell, fast elevator and good area for cell service. 

Name Dropper

Have you ever known someone that is an incessant name-dropper? They needlessly share names and places in conversations or on social media. It’s become so common today that no one really notices. 

The Serpent's Lies

Pythons like to slither into holes. A young Portland woman discovered this when her pet BART crawled into the gauge hole of her earlobe. She reported that before she knew what was happening, he was halfway through. After the fire department was unsuccessful in removing BART, the hospital emergency room coaxed him to freedom.

Once Upon A Garden: Day 4

On the seventh day, God, in a sense, stood back to look over Creation and pronounced it “done.” He rested from His work because there was nothing more to do. And, Creation “rested” also because it was at peace and in perfect balance within itself. Then God blessed it—“sent it forth for abundance and enrichment” and hallowed it—“set it aside for a sacred purpose.”