Young Love

One of the joys of working in college ministry at church is seeing two young people fall in love and get married right out of college. Their wedding day is such a joyful occasion; it is filled with laughter, hope, excitement and lots of dancing.

His Light

One of the fun adventures I get to do with my daughters as a Girl Scout is camping. We have had the opportunity to camp in a scouts’ backyard, camp by the lake and even camp at SeaWorld in San Antonio. One of the most important items that is listed for our camping trip is a flashlight.

Hide and Seek

My girls love playing hide and seek. The thrill of finding the perfect hiding spot with the hope of outsmarting the seeker creates a fun game for the whole family. Hide and Seek may be a fun family game for us but we can never play it with God. 

A Little Bird Told Me

My Grandmother had a funny way with words in order to get her point across. Some of her favorite sayings were: “This is how the cow ate the corn” as she grabbed your knee to get your attention, “Well, shoot a monkey” when things did not go her way and “A little bird told me” when she was curious about something she had heard.

A Secure Journey

We were on a walk when my dog suddenly slowed, and my attention was drawn to the street. There before me was a huge snake. Three things happened simultaneously: I jumped, I screamed, and I pulled my dog away—only to realize afterward that the snake was dead. I recovered quickly, and we resumed our walk. The next morning as we walked, my thoughts were elsewhere—not upon that snake. When we came to the same spot, the exact same thing happened: I jumped, I screamed, and I pulled my dog away. This time a car was passing. I scared the driver so badly she slammed on her brakes. That snake was dead, but I forgot. Twice a snake that wasn’t life threatening interrupted my walk.

A Cleansing Walk

I love to wear black for two reasons. First, it goes well with my dark hair and eyes. Second, it doesn’t show dirt. I can wear a white blouse for about five minutes before I get it dirty. When I wear black, I can still look clean at the end of the day. Though the dirt is most definitely there, it is not visible.

Walking with Believers

Man was not created to walk alone. God created each of us to walk with Him. He also designed us to walk with others. In Genesis 1 God declared all He created to be good. But then God identified something as not good. God said, It is not good for the man to be alone… (Genesis 2:18).

An Eye-opening Walk with Jesus

A wedding. A shortage of wine. A need presented to Jesus by His mother, followed by anticipation of an answer. The disciples who accompanied Jesus to the wedding watched His every move. What would He do? What could be done to save this couple from humiliation at the onset of their marriage?

Hello! My Name Is: Day 3

Throughout history, people believed that a Supreme Being brought the physical universe into existence and continued to act upon it. In the mid-1800’s, with the introduction of evolutionary theory, a new worldview emerged. It centered around a universe that not only thought itself up, but continued to keep itself running. Today the creation vs. evolution debate is still alive and well.

Hello! My Name Is: Day 1

You are at a large party where most of the faces are unfamiliar. However, everyone is wearing a stick-on name tag—always helpful among strangers. A nice lady comes over and introduces herself and, as you catch a quick glance at her name tag, you notice: “Hi! My Name is Mary and I am generous.” What? You look around and notice, “Hi! My Name is Jim and I am kind and understanding.” And “Hi! My Name is Alice and I am Intelligent and Wise.” And so on…

Are We There Yet?

My mother and sister were artisans when it came to counted cross-stitch. Carefully and meticulously, they added stitch by tiny stitch until the blank canvas was transformed into a stunning masterpiece.

Follow the Leader

I pulled into the rest area and looked around. The people I observed were as varied as the vehicles. Where were they all going? The adventurist in me began to imagine several possible scenarios. For some reason we had all converged in that one location at precisely the same time. Momentarily, we each would continue on our individual routes.