Go With Us!

I am taking a large group of teenagers from Texas to Austria in the coming months. I am already working hard in planning and preparation. I have promised to go with them, to be ready to handle the details of our travel as well as the unforeseen encounters. And I’ve promised to bring them home safely. It is a sobering task.


“Why are you so afraid?” Just as Jesus asked this of the disciples in the storm-tossed boat, I wonder how many times God has posed that question to me, but I haven’t heard it over the thunder of my frets and worries and hand-wringing.

What Do You Want Me To Do For You

My sweet husband regularly asks me, “What do you need from me right now?” Often, this serves as a needed reminder of his presence and willingness to help. Sometimes it is the springboard I need to ask for help. And occasionally, it is irritating as I think he should know what I need after 34 years of being married to me!

Worship that Costs

Sundays are busy busy days for me! Getting my family dressed, fed and out the door with any smidgen of civility AND getting to church early enough for me to be ready for the downbeat as I play in the orchedstra is nothing short of a miracle from God!

His Temple

I was bogged down in my daily Bible reading. After I trudged through Exodus, past the victory of the plagues, the miracle of the manna and quail and the water from a rock, I sat mired in the details of the Tent of Meeting….the place where God planned to meet and fellowship with His people.

Life's Curveballs

My grandson plays high school baseball. He can throw a wicked pitch called a curveball. It’s especially hard for batters to hit because it dives downward as it nears the plate.

Hang in There

“Hang in there” is an expression of encouragement in today’s world. It’s a way to say, “Don’t give up.” Recently, I needed to apply the hang in there concept to my prayer life. 

The Rocking Chair

I sank into the rocker and massaged my throbbing forehead.

For the past few days I’d been obsessing over a difficult situation. Not only did I think about it all day long, I woke up during the night to think about it some more. I kept chewing on the situation like a dog gnawing on a bone.


When my grandchildren were little, we vacationed one summer at the beach. During that week I rediscovered the simple joy of building sandcastles.

Passing the Torch . . . compete by the rules

The rules, the rules? What is this ladies? We know an athlete must compete according to the rules or there would be unfair advantage, not to mention utter chaos. But the gospel is a gospel of grace and faith, not of rules. Why would Paul enter the athletic arena to illustrate his point? Apparently sporting events in that day were highly popular.

Passing the Torch . . . to reliable others

Passing the torch on is critical to truth. Remember the best teacher you ever had, or the coach who inspired you to perform herculean feats of endurance. The mark of a good mentor is to generate excitement in the subject matter in reliable pupils who will pass on their enthusiasm in like manner.

Passing the Torch . . . guard the truth entrusted to you

Have you ever ice-skated ladies? Could you now? I had a rude awakening a couple of years ago when my grandsons persuaded me to join the family free-skate time the winter they played hockey. Confident I could glide around the rink with grace, I laced up my boots and stepped onto the ice. After all, I was on skates at the age of three; but neither glide nor grace were to be. Luckily I did get around the rink, hugging the boards.