Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. 
Genesis 2:2

Contrary to what some might think: work is not a curse. 

Genesis 2 first mentions work, and God is the one working.

Later in that same chapter, he creates Adam to work the ground. This is before sin enters the earth.

I believe God created us for meaningful work. However, in Genesis 4, we learn that work became difficult after sin entered the world. 

Therefore, many of us have a difficult time finding meaningful work. 

I’ve enjoyed a three-year assignment of writing blogs that give hope to women facing cancer and domestic abuse. Recently, those blogs were cancelled. I felt a huge loss. Truth be told, those blogs may have helped me more than my readers.  

Work can be good for our souls. 

So many people are out of work right now, which is even more difficult than having a job you hate. 

A friend of mine experienced a series of layoffs. He quickly found his confidence going down with expenses piling up. Besides looking high and low for job opportunities, he decided to take his spiritual life up a notch. He got serious with God. He tackled a 20-year battle with bitterness. 

The result? He found reconciliation with his dad. A grandfather met his granddaughter for the first time. A family has been reunited. 

My friend could have gotten bitter over his job loss. Instead, his time off became a springboard for spiritual growth. 

Whatever your work situation right now, take time for spiritual renewal and growth. Take heart. I know God has a job for you. However, it might look different than you think. It might not even have a paycheck. 

Lord, please show me opportunities to work for You.  


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