All in Giving

Leave Some

The incorporation of frugality into one’s life has its place. Greediness does not. Many of us make sure we get everything we have earned because we believe we deserve it. God’s Word surprises me, at times, because his instructions are very practical and specific. His divine approach is refreshing, especially when I see the subjects that are important to God through detail and repetition throughout the Bible. While reading Deuteronomy 24, I was reminded of the intricacies of Old Testament Law. God instructed the Israelites not to go over the branches a second time!

Mercy Gifts

The dollar bills I keep in the console of my car are sweet reminders of my youngest grandson. While in my car one day he said, “My Dad has thousands of dollars in his car so that he can give to homeless people.” Wow! Out of the mouths of babes. I sense caution sometimes about when and why I should give a handout to a person regardless of their disheveled appearance. Obviously, personal safety is an important issue because our world is a dangerous place—just as it was when Jesus walked on this earth.