Just Enough

Cleaning out the refrigerator can be a frustrating endeavor, tossing into the trash those uneaten leftovers or the bag of slimy lettuce or whatever that dried and shriveled thing used to be.

Again? Really?

Red, round, juicy home-grown tomatoes are my obsession every summer! They are far superior to their tasteless counterparts that are picked green and ripened by gassing,  occupying the shelves in most grocery stores.

A Father's Love

While cutting my son’s long, thick locks, I thought, I’m glad he doesn’t ride through the woods or he might get tangled up like Absalom. Do you remember the story?


Can I be brutally honest with you for just a little second? Promise you won't judge me? Today was the first day in five days that I stopped my own agenda long enough to sit quietly before the Lord.


Yesterday, as I sat on our backyard deck and basked in the warmth of the Son, God moved my heart to praise Him. I'd just returned from a gathering of women who were assembled to learn about a local organization that supports teenage girls in foster care.


I love the story of Isaiah 6. The prophet tells us of his magnificent vision: "I saw the Lord, seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple” (Isaiah 6:1).


I was up in the wee hours last night. Now that my babies are teenagers, my mid-night awakenings are my own fault and not their hunger or restlessness.

His Voice

I had the privilege of keeping my grandson two days a week this summer. Of course, he did too many cute things to list here, but one such thing he repeated several times.

Utmost Anxiety

Our first grandchild, barely over a year old, had somehow broken a front tooth. We could not figure out how it happened because his tooth had barely come through the surface of his gums when our daughter discovered it.

Mind Boggling

I could not believe my eyes and ears! On a popular cooking show contestants competed for a top chef prize. Their cooking determined who got to continue preparing dishes on the show or who went home empty handed.