All in Adversity

More than Just Making It

On my morning walk, I passed a neighbor walking the opposite direction. I greeted her and asked how she was doing. She paused and replied, “I’m making it.” I understood her response. Her life has become complicated because of her mother’s failing health.

How Will The World Know?

We rounded the corner of the road that led to our church. As it came into view, I let our 5-year old granddaughter know we were almost there. “Does your church talk about God?” What an odd question for her to ask. “Yes,” I replied. Of course it does! Then she added, “We can’t talk about God at my school. We can only talk about God at church and at home.”  

Light in a Jar

They’re back! There’s one. There’s another. Look over there. I see it too! The lightning bugs had returned to brighten the evening hours. The girls squealed with amazement at the sight, and my own mind went back to childhood days when we ran to catch them in Mason jars then marveled at the twinkling container. 

I’m Stuck!

The nuisance of being stuck in the mud on a country dirt road is frightening if a tow truck is not around the corner. Wheels spinning, dirt and smoke billowing contribute to frustration. Cell phone in hand—whew! Help is on the way.

Stand Firm

Last year was one of the most difficult years of my life while enduring ongoing and worsening health issues surrounding my beloved husband and brother. Several months before the medical journeys began, God led me to a Bible study on spiritual warfare. I tried to wiggle my way out of it, but my Savior knew I was on the threshold of experiencing new types of brokenness and vulnerability—new enemy territory.

The God of Comfort

How does God comfort His children? How does God comfort you? I imagine the answers to those questions are as varied as the life situations that bring the need for comforting! I experienced a very serious illness this past year and discovered that I consistently needed God’s comfort during the quiet of the night. I experienced few distractions to my physical and emotional suffering during those hours. It was just God and me—alone with my need for comfort. So, how did God ease my distress as I actively sought Him?

Wise or Foolish?

Days passed. The contractors appeared busy but had little to show for their activities. Measuring, surveying, leveling, digging and pouring cement consumed their time. They were laying a foundation, and the cement piers had to be deep and secure before the floors, walls, and ceiling went up.

Help, I'm Falling!

“Mrs.___, have you fallen lately?” Young people have yet to encounter that question. My husband and I have. We laugh when we share the experience because as a couple we average about three or four falls a year. We fall off ladders, in flower beds, down stairs, and sometimes for no reason. Welcome to the world of seniors.

Foreign Lands: Day 3

It was the spring of 2004. The kids were grown and gone and my newly-retired husband and I decided to embark on an adventure: experience an area of the country we had never lived in before settling down to our retirement home.

Enemy Tactics

Hezekiah, king of Judah, was one of the few kings to earn the distinction of doing what was right in God’s eyes. His father, Ahaz, however, did not. Ahaz established idol worship in Judah, encouraging God’s people to sin.