All in God's Character

Big, Big Questions

The shower was running, the music blaring, when I walked down the hall to the bedroom: “How deep is the ocean? (How high is the sky?)”* Exactly, I said to myself in light of the lunar eclipse of the evening before. How could a Blood Moon turn red in the shadow of the earth? tells us this much: “Sunlight scatters to produce the red colors of sunset and sunrise when it enters Earth's atmosphere at a particular angle.” Does it not make you pause for a moment to wonder at the majesty of creation?

Unexpected Blessing

Before leaving East Texas, I had a dentist appointment. When I shared the details of our move with my dentist I found out she had taught at the dental school in Houston. Without hesitation she recommended a dentist she knew and had as a student. I quickly put the contact information in my phone so as not to lose it.

The Least and the Greatest

It’s as big as a school bus, weighs up to ninety thousand pounds, and eats about one thousand pounds every day. And, yet, the humpback whale is able to thrust itself out of the water in incredible displays of power.  They frolic and breach in the warm waters by Hawaii where they travel to every winter to breed.

A God Who Searches

Jesus told a short story to a group of grumbling religious leaders to illustrate a poignant point—God will intensely search for those who need His love and salvation. He used a desperate woman, of all things, for his story. She’d lost a coin worth a day’s wage. She had only ten and one was lost. She lit a small oil lamp, the only source of light in her small windowless home, and searched carefully until she found it. She then invited her women friends and neighbors to rejoice with her. Jesus adds in verse 10, “I tell you, in the same way, there is joy in the presence of God over one sinner who repents.”

The Golden Thread

I’ve enjoyed reading through the Old Testament minor prophets. I wanted to focus on the circumstances in Israel’s history as well as the God’s message entrusted to them to proclaim. The twelve minor prophets were sometimes referred to as The Book of the Twelve since scrolls often combined them within one scroll: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Johan, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zachariah and Malachi. Importantly, though, they were called ‘minor’ prophets only because of the length of the books, not because of a lesser important message.  

The Unforgivable Sin

The Pharisees had been shadowing Jesus from the beginning of His ministry. They had heard His teaching and were eyewitnesses to His miracles. And when He quoted the Law, likely their lips moved in silent unison. Their verdict? “He has a demon.” In doing so, they denied both His Divinity and the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in His life, concluding that He was just a man. And a damaged one, at that.sin

If Only They Knew

Is the sun ever going to shine again?

Every opportunity I get, no matter what the temperature, I escape the indoors for a brisk walk. Observers may think that I’m flaunting my physical abilities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

God’s Kindness

Real kindness isn’t born by pushing harder. Or by squeezing it out like lemon juice. Kindness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. God’s kindness is powerful and generous towards us. Even so, He asks us to bear His fruit. When we bear spiritual produce, we become like Him for His sake.

The Truth that Is Not Spoken

A truth that permeates scripture is greatly avoided by many today. It’s seldom spoken about for fear it will be offensive. It’s labeled harsh and unloving by some. Others deny it. I am speaking of the truth of God’s coming judgment. Ezekiel was given the difficult task of proclaiming God’s coming judgment to sinful Israel. God instructed Ezekiel to speak about His coming judgment whether people listened or not.

Do You Know My God?

Do you not know? Have you not heard?

Do you detect the urgency and excitement in these questions? If someone said that to me, I would want to know more. What information might the person have that I did not? I would definitely listen to what was said next.

I Am Secure

The day Drew moved out followed ten months of limbo. It had been an awful day. The kids cried themselves to sleep. It was late when Dana climbed into bed. She sat propped up on her side of the double bed and opened her Bible. She hadn’t planned to read Romans 8, but the words were there for her that night.

I Am Wanted

Eight months had passed since Drew’s and Dana’s ten-year marriage started to unravel. Uncharacteristically, Drew accompanied Dana and the children to church one Sunday morning. It was Valentine’s Day.

I Am Beautiful

Drew and Dana began marriage counseling with a Christian counselor soon after their move. Drew finally admitted to having an extramarital affair. As devastating as the news was, Dana expressed the willingness to forgive him. Her commitment to keep their family intact held steady. Drew wanted a separation, but he took no action to move out.

I Am Valuable

Following Drew’s confession that he didn’t love her, Dana’s feelings continued to reel. She felt lost at sea one moment and anchored by faith the next. Soon thereafter, Drew received his new job assignment that required moving fifteen hundred miles away.

I Am Loved

Dana felt sweet anticipation as the day began. It was her 10th wedding anniversary. Drew, her husband, was home from completing some out-of-town professional training for his new job. The last few months they’d only spent a few weekends together so she was excited about celebrating today.