Guard the Treasure

Over the years, I have been gifted many varieties of flowers and plants by my mother-in-law, Joyce, which beautify my yard. That I knew nothing about growing things never deterred her. Whenever she came to my house, she would bring cuttings or thinnings from her garden.

May I Help You With That?

Moses wondered if he could keep going. God had shown up in miraculous ways for Moses and the Israelites. With God’s help Moses had performed signs and wonders before Pharaoh, led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt, crossed the Red Sea on dry land, and provided manna, quail and water in a barren wilderness.

The Presence of God

The testimony of a young woman caught my attention. Her family practiced one of the major religions but not Christianity. She was brought up to do the same. The girl was going through a particularly hard season of life. An older co-worker, an older asked if she could pray for her. As the woman prayed, immediate peace come over the girl.

So That . . .

Have you ever felt deserted, betrayed, forgotten? Twice in this short book, Paul spoke of being abandoned. In 2 Timothy 1:15, he said, everyone deserted me. In 2 Timothy 4:16, he wrote, no one came to my support. 


Once again, God’s Word is like a mirror to my corrupt heart. I read this morning, Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ (Galatians 1:10).

But you . . .

Sometimes it is the smallest of words, the tiniest breath of a phrase that hits like a truckload of bricks. This particular truth hit me, not like a load of bricks, but like the door in a dark room opening to the bright light of a brilliant day. It was blinding. It was beautiful. It was breathtaking.


“Where do birdies come from, Mama?”

Only God can make a birdie.

“But why, Mama?”

To teach us to sing in the morning.

“But why, Mama?”

The Rock

It was obvious from far back in line that my five-year-old pig-tailed girl had not had a good day. As I waited for the teacher to put her in my car, I could see that she was deflated, alone and sad. By the time we pulled out of the school parking lot, she was sobbing. “I had to sit on the rock, Mama,” she cried.

What’s Your Truth?

According to The Flat Earth Society, the earth is not round. Well, obviously, it’s flat. They even have the math equations and Bible verses to prove it.

Flatists, as they are called, have found reasons to believe the earth is flat.

Others might base truth on tradition.

Near Your Altar

On a mission trip in Africa, I visited Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. The thundering roar can be heard from twenty-five miles away. As you approach, you realize that even if your words could be heard, they would be inadequate to describe the beauty before you. 


Have you ever watched a video that was filmed with time-lapse photography? My favorites to watch are those of blossoming flowers. A process that takes hours in real-time is shown in mere seconds. Subtle movements, not seen by the naked eye, are clearly displayed.

Press On

A much younger friend works out with me to help me improve my health. She regularly reminds me that I “pace myself” when I’m doing any given physical challenge. While she would like for me to exert myself fully throughout, instead I start slowly and gradually increase my effort. She says I hold back.

Stop and Help

Have you ever stopped to help someone, but then later realized you were the one who was blessed?

My husband is a salesman. He walks in and out of hospitals all day in hopes of making connections that will ultimately save a patient’s life. He knows every back stairwell, fast elevator and good area for cell service.

The Serpent's Lies

Pythons like to slither into holes. A young Portland woman discovered this when her pet BART crawled into the gauge hole of her earlobe. She reported that before she knew what was happening, he was halfway through. After the fire department was unsuccessful in removing BART, the hospital emergency room coaxed him to freedom.