All in Temptation

The Bear That Came to Town

Last fall my husband and I spent a week in Avon, Colorado. One day while we were in a restaurant, we saw a crowd gathering outside around a crabapple tree. They were pointing toward the top of the tree and snapping pictures.

The Serpent's Lies

Pythons like to slither into holes. A young Portland woman discovered this when her pet BART crawled into the gauge hole of her earlobe. She reported that before she knew what was happening, he was halfway through. After the fire department was unsuccessful in removing BART, the hospital emergency room coaxed him to freedom.

A Secure Journey

We were on a walk when my dog suddenly slowed, and my attention was drawn to the street. There before me was a huge snake. Three things happened simultaneously: I jumped, I screamed, and I pulled my dog away—only to realize afterward that the snake was dead. I recovered quickly, and we resumed our walk. The next morning as we walked, my thoughts were elsewhere—not upon that snake. When we came to the same spot, the exact same thing happened: I jumped, I screamed, and I pulled my dog away. This time a car was passing. I scared the driver so badly she slammed on her brakes. That snake was dead, but I forgot. Twice a snake that wasn’t life threatening interrupted my walk.

Buttons and Triggers

We talk about having our “buttons” pushed when someone says or does something that ignites powerful emotions. An array of ugly feelings burst forth when a sensitive spot in our souls is suddenly triggered. We all know at least one difficult person who provides opportunities for us to do the things we don’t want to do (Romans 7:15).