One Thing

Do you know what an Everything Bagel is? It’s a bagel topped with a variety of seeds, garlic, onions, and a salt mixture. It’s unlike other bagels that typically are plain, or have one topping. I enjoy Everything Bagels, yet sometimes I relish a one-topping bagel with satisfaction.

Surrender All to Him

Often we are amazed by a believer’s perseverance in adversity and their confidence in God’s promises. Such people demonstrate a spiritual fullness that many of us long to have. A closer look reveals that they have followed Jesus’ example and surrendered all to God.

A Fresh Encounter with God

We live in busy times. For many Christians attending church is an item on their checklist. They feel that by attending church weekly, they have fulfilled their “spiritual duty.” We live in a world where believers are not excited about the Lord’s work and have lost their compassion for the unsaved. This has caused many believers to live in a worldly and sinful way.

Squirreled Away

While driving home from out of town, I received a text from my husband that said, “There’s a squirrel in a shoebox on the counter. If it’s dead when you get home, throw it into the woods.”

Fading into the Background

I read the familiar story of Stephen in Acts 6, as I have before. This time, however, I noticed some men who caught my attention. Do you remember Prochorus? Have you heard a sermon on Parmenas or Nicanor? Probably not.

Then You Will Know

My home church has undertaken reading the Bible through in a year. After reading now for eleven months, I’ve noticed a theme running through the Bible. God’s passionate desire is for everyone to know Him.

New Beginnings

A new year has begun! Excitement is in the air! New Year’s Eve parties are celebrated. Fireworks are ignited. New Year’s resolutions are made. Diet and exercise regimens are started. Strategies to read the Bible through in a year are planned. Something about a new year inspires us to attempt new adventures.

The Search, the Star, the Savior

As I walked past the school bathroom I noticed a fifth grade girl in the floor looking for something. I had a few minutes before my next class so I decided to see if I could help her. She told me that she had lost the back to her earring. The earrings, a gift from her father, she valued them highly.

Oh How We Need Christmas!

I love, love, LOVE Christmas. I patently try my best to savor the Thanksgiving holiday before I break out my Christmas decorations and carols. This year I noticed more and more people in early November wondering about putting up their tress and listening to Christmas music. I found myself thinking, why not?

Holiday Reflection – The Light

Early in the morning I walked into our living room. The decorated Christmas tree stood there along with all sorts of holiday trimmings, but the dark morning made it impossible to see any of the glitz or glitter. The sight ultimately left me sad and depressed.

Do You?

As Jesus walked through Jerusalem he made his way to a pool where people with physical ailments sat waiting to get into the churning waters for healing. He picked out a particular man who had been an invalid for years to ask a specific question.

Walk Like Jesus

My parents live in an historic home settled on fifteen acres surrounded by thick woods and a beautiful pond. It is a wonderland for my girls to explore and play because there is always something happening. Whether it is watching deer by the back door, riding on the tractor to pick up tree brush, or walking to the pond to check the turtle trap, it is a place of adventure and excitement.

Saying Goodbye

My husband and I closed the back of the U-Haul truck with the final load from our home. We were moving hours away to be close to family. Before driving away from my hometown, we had to make one final stop to my friend Natalie’s house.


My girls were invited to a homeschool Christmas party at a local church. Arriving at the event, we could see that the other students were playing on the playground while the adults were setting up the activities for that afternoon.