The Golden Thread

I’ve enjoyed reading through the Old Testament minor prophets. I wanted to focus on the circumstances in Israel’s history as well as the God’s message entrusted to them to proclaim. The twelve minor prophets were sometimes referred to as The Book of the Twelve since scrolls often combined them within one scroll: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Johan, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zachariah and Malachi. Importantly, though, they were called ‘minor’ prophets only because of the length of the books, not because of a lesser important message.  

Be Intertwined

While fishing on a river near flood stage, my husband noticed what appeared to be red leaves floating at a distance. But upon close inspection, he discovered instead that each red patch was composed of thousands of ants intertwined. Heavy rains had washed the ants out of their homes. They were holding onto each other and floating in order to survive. When Don splashed water on the ants, the water bounced off. These ants were averting disaster by remaining close to one another. 

Be Contagious

What goes through your mind when someone with a bad cough sits beside you? Do you pray, Lord, don’t let me catch what he has! Being in public while physically contagious isn’t good. But believers are all called to be spiritually contagious. We are to go forth and spread the gospel of Jesus.

Be Diligent

My sister and I took a trip to the San Diego zoo. On the zoo’s tour bus, the guide gave numerous fascinating and sometimes comical facts about the animals. A tour bus travels by the ostrich pen approximately every 15 minutes. Because the ostrich’s brain is extremely small for the size of its body, each time an ostrich sees a tour bus, it’s a brand new experience!

Be Wise

Would you describe yourself as relationally wise? Here is a description of relational wisdom: But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere (James 3:17). Take a moment to think about each of those descriptors. How closely do these parallel your attitudes and actions toward others? 

Between A Rock And The Best Place

Many “several years ago” when I had a hard body and long hair, I did some mountain climbing and rock climbing. During those times, I heard many climbers making pleas and promises to God such as: “Help me, Jesus! Lord, if you just get me off this mountain, I promise I will never do this again.” Sometimes during climbing the fear level on a Richter scale of 1 to 10 can be a 25.

Beauty in Barren Places

Last month, while jeeping on an alpine trail at 12,500 feet altitude, I was astounded at the bounty of glorious flowers. There were natural-formed bouquets of golden sunflowers, delicate lavender blooms scattered among them, and an array of pink and white blossoms peeking around the rocks. 

Lost Fawn

In the little one stop-light town where we vacation during the summer there is a herd of deer that roam the yards, streets, even Main Street, and the parks much to the delight of everyone except some avid gardeners. As my little nephews excitedly exclaim, “Look there are mommy deer, daddy deer, and baby deer!” What a pleasure to watch them quietly move gracefully by you.

The Work of a Lifetime

It is hardly news that traditional marriage is in trouble. And its main competition is not from all the inroads made by its exotic rivals--same-sex marriage, open marriage, polygamy—as we might fear. These days, traditional marriage might just be its own worst enemy.

The Unforgivable Sin

The Pharisees had been shadowing Jesus from the beginning of His ministry. They had heard His teaching and were eyewitnesses to His miracles. And when He quoted the Law, likely their lips moved in silent unison. Their verdict? “He has a demon.” In doing so, they denied both His Divinity and the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in His life, concluding that He was just a man. And a damaged one, at that.sin

Starving to Death

Almost 2,800 years ago, God came to a farmer named Amos. He told Amos to put down his rake and pruning shears and take up the mantle of a prophet. Amos’ assignment was to speak uncompromising words of coming judgment to the corrupt northern kingdom of Israel: prophecies that included natural disasters, military defeat and eventual exile. Then, in the middle of graphic descriptions of earthquakes and foreign invasions, came this warning


One of my favorite places to have my quiet time is at my breakfast table because it overlooks into our backyard. I love watching the sun come up in the morning and hearing the birds chirp their morning tunes. I can’t help but give the Lord praise for giving me another day.


My oldest daughter loves her drama class. She enjoys the spotlight, developing her character, and entertaining the audience. One of the most important lessons she has learned in drama class is to pay careful attention to the vision the director is trying to achieve from the cast. If one fails to pay attention then the whole production could go wrong. In essence, many are affected, cues for lines are missed, timing is all wrong and the mood the director is trying to achieve is blurred. Paying attention is critical to the overall success of the play.


My family and I had an exciting opportunity to visit our local renovated movie theater and game center. It was advertised as providing great entertainment with movies, games, and bowling that the whole family could enjoy. We were especially looking forward to playing laser-tag with each other.