Ms. Pearl

I usually do not accompany my husband when he goes out of town for a big bicycle ride,

but, for some reason, this time I did. We quickly checked into our hotel and headed

back out to go eat with some of his cycling buddies.

Seasoned Words

My family and I like to watch cooking competitions, as the finalist battle it out for the best chef on the show. It is still amazing to me how so many of these chefs brag about their cooking and yet can get eliminated on one simple fact – they did not season their food with salt. The food was not pleasing to the judges and therefore they lost the competition. 

Let Your Light Shine!

My youngest daughter is scared of the dark. She will not walk in a room that is dark even if she is familiar with it. We have to go in and turn on a light for her to feel at peace.

Contagious Laughter

I took my daughter to her scheduled dance class and was watching her through the glass window. She was leading a conversation with a group of her classmates just before class started.

Pour It Out

Have you ever had one of those friends that you know will always understand? She’s the kind of person who will listen, support and offer the best advice? You know what you share will be kept private, so you don’t have to self-edit as you “vent” to her.

Words to Remember

When my daughters were babies, I began writing in a journal for each one of them. To this day, every few months I record funny stories, family memories and some of the things I find most wonderful about them.

Name Dropper

Have you ever known someone that is an incessant name-dropper? They needlessly share names and places in conversations or on social media. It’s become so common today that no one really notices. 

What Did You Expect?

When my son was around two, he thought he saw his daddy from behind. He started running toward the man, and when he rounded the corner, I saw a horrified look on my son’s face.