Keep it Simple

A few months ago we sold our home. We wanted more time to discern what God’s plan was for our future, so we are living in our farmhouse. It is much smaller that our former home, about half the size. Many of our things are in storage because the farmhouse was already furnished. I am realizing just how many extra things I had in our larger home. We are living comfortably with a lot less stuff.

Winning on Our Knees

I never participated in sports while growing up, but by nature I am a very competitive person. I like to win and be a part of the winning team. When I face spiritual competition I want to be victorious as well. In order to have spiritual victory we must fight through prayer, and sometimes those prayers should be offered while on our knees.

The Storms of Life

How many of you can relate to the feelings of the disciples in our passage? Have you ever been caught in a storm in your life? Have you had a time when your problem seemed too big and your faith was too small? Have you ever felt threatened by the storm and its uncertainty?

Choose Kind

Have you noticed the ads on social media for t-shirts expressing thoughts about kindness? The shirts may have pictures or other words on them, but they all end up saying, “Choose Kind”.

Filled with What?

Normally I keep my Bible right by my bed. I know it does not have magical power, but I like having it near. Having it right there certainly does make it easier to grab and jump right in to reading the wisdom filling it.


Good news: My husband got a new job.

Bad news: We had to relocate from the place we had lived for twenty years.

Good news: We got our house ready and put it on the market to sell.

Bad news: Although people came to see it, no one put an offer on it.

Good news: A family did put an offer on it and we accepted it.

Bad news: The closing date got pushed out much further delaying our move.

Good news: We found a house we liked in our new location.

Bad news: Someone else beat us putting a contract on it.

If Only They Knew

Is the sun ever going to shine again?

Every opportunity I get, no matter what the temperature, I escape the indoors for a brisk walk. Observers may think that I’m flaunting my physical abilities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

God’s Kindness

Real kindness isn’t born by pushing harder. Or by squeezing it out like lemon juice. Kindness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. God’s kindness is powerful and generous towards us. Even so, He asks us to bear His fruit. When we bear spiritual produce, we become like Him for His sake.

Chosen and Precious, But Rejected

How much further could it be? How could I be so foolish as to wander off on my own?

I was lost and fearful in the heart of Washington, D.C. My mission that afternoon was to walk from my work conference to The National Cathedral.

Paralyzed by Fear

Words. Typed. On. The. Screen.

Whew! What a huge relief!

After agonizing procrastination over writing these devotionals, words formed on the page in obedience to God. I prayed for His message to be my words so that women may be encouraged.

Love With All Your Mind

My husband and I took a trip to Beavers Bend State Park and we hiked the beautiful Ouachita Mountains. We took the hiking trail called Lookout Mountain and it did not disappoint. As we stood there in awe at the majestic mountain range that surrounded us, we could easily set our minds on how God is truly amazing. Making our way down the trail, we approached a sign that charted our next course of direction; however, the sign was broken and the direction we should have taken was missing.